Free Patterns

Onslows Vest – A doll sized vest to knit by Katherine Misegades

Select this LINK to download the printable PDF Pattern.


Buffalo Plaid Christmas StockingsĀ  by Katherine Misegades

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Quick Cap by Katherine Misegades

This hat is knit back and forth, and uses short rows to shape the crown. Select this LINK to download the printable PDF pattern.

Mouse Tracks Neck Lace by Katherine Misegades

This fashion accessory features a pull-through fastener similar to some neck scarfs, glittery yarn, and a small lace pattern adapted from the book Gossamer Webs by Galina Khmeleva and Carol Noble, Interweave Press. It can be knit any lengthĀ and enhanced with a broach or beads.

Yarn: about 200 yards of sport or fingering weight.

Needles: U. S. size 2, 3 or 4.

Select this link to download the printable PDF pattern.

Gansey Gusset-Heel Sock

At the November 2005 meetings, Katherine Misegades presented a lesson about Gansey knitting.

In her book, Knitting Ganseys, Beth Brown-Reinsel discusses the details that make sweater construction identifiably Gansey — welts, plain area, definition welt, patterning, seam stitches, gusset.

This sock was designed for Guild members by Katherine as a small practice project for learning these techniques.

You may download a free, printable PDF file of the pattern by clicking here.

This pattern was revised 7/10/06 to include more detail for turning the heel.

Community Service Projects

Download a printable PDF file of four community-service project patterns by clicking here.

Patricia’s Scarf

This pattern was designed by Katherine Misegades and presented during the program at the May 2007 Guild meetings.

Download a printable PDF file of Patricia’s Scarf pattern by clicking here.

Peri Switzer’s Multicolor No-2-Alike Hat

This makes an adult or large child’s hat
and is a good way to use up small balls & leftovers.

For a smaller hat, cast on fewer stitches
keeping a multiple of 4 plus 1.

Using 3 strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn and leaving a tail 8 to 10 inches long, cast on 41 st on a 10 1/2 or 11 circular needle (11 will make a little larger hat).

Join round by knitting 1st st & last st tog.

Grab tail and k 2d st, then p 2, k 2 repeating untilthe piece is 7 to 8 inches long (or as long as your hand), knitting the tail in with the
stitches on the 1st row.
As the small balls run out, lay the new yarn in with the working yarn, overlapping for 8 or 10 inches so that for that short distance
you have 4 working strands.Dec in pattern to 8 st rem and cut yarns about 8 inches long.Thread this 3-strand tail into a large needle & pull through the 8 rem st to draw them tightly. Weave the rest of the tail down into the inside
of the hat.