Ravelry and the DKG Meeting

This is the meeting we have all been waiting for. Ravelry is a website for people who love knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and dyeing. It will help you keep your stash in some kind of order. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Ravelry? Well hold on to your hats. Rebecca… Continue reading Ravelry and the DKG Meeting

DKG Holiday Luncheon

December 3—Holiday Luncheon Holiday Luncheon at Lynn McCown’s home 310 Allen St Yellow Springs, OH 10 AM-2 PM Sit a spell and knit. Lunch will be served at noon Bring: Salad or dessert to share. Main dish and beverages will be provided. Gift exchange for those who want to participate – bring an ornament or… Continue reading DKG Holiday Luncheon

Barb R. will be collecting hats…

Hi Everybody, Barb R. will be at St. Mary’s center @ 11am this Wednesday if you have any knitted hats to donate. I guess they wouldn’t have to be knitted. Anything to keep little heads warm would be appreciated. Thank you, Heather

Who made me this Star?

Now I have my backpack decorated. Free star pattern from DKG on this blog. Just go back a couple blogs (bcb). Bells to follow. I need to take a picture of my Moms Christmas bells and then get that pattern on here. We got a couple more bloggers today. Yea! We need more new friendly… Continue reading Who made me this Star?

Yes! Strings Attached…

Hi Everybody, What a great meeting we just had. So many cute things to knit. Kristen from Strings Attached will be there tonight also. I was going to title this blog, No! Strings Attached, but that would be wrong. Kristen had some real yummy yarn and some great ideas on some quick knits. So soft.… Continue reading Yes! Strings Attached…


Hi Everybody, It’s Sunday and everyone is at their place of worship. I’m not. I’m going to be making stars. Mom called and said she didn’t understand sk2p. I got my information from the Encyclopedia of knitting. (They didn’t capitalize the k). Their abbreviation for; slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over; is… Continue reading sk2p

Make me a star.

Hi Everybody, I want to inspire you to make me a star. I have made these 2 stars today with bells and Pom-poms. Monday will be my first DKG meeting in months. I’m planning on having a great time seeing what everyone is knitting these days. I’m breaking out the wool I bought at Strings… Continue reading Make me a star.