Presentation for DKG Monday February 27th , 2023
Monica MacFarland
Focus on the Shoulder
Most people think that making sweaters that fit their bustline or hips is what matters, but to quote the pattern designer Kathy Zimmerman aka ‘the queen of cabled pullovers’ :  “For sweaters to fit they need to fit the shoulders.  If a sweater hangs properly from your shoulders, you’ll get a great fit.”  Monica’s presentation will focus on shoulder treatments and what it takes to get good fit at the shoulder especially for a set-in sleeve.
Size in patterns is the STARTING POINT.   What really matters is how the garment fits YOU.  Just because the pattern says it is a particular size doesn’t mean it will work for your body. The importance of gauge, your measurements, ease and what the schematic tells you cannot be underestimated.
It really doesn’t matter whether you knit from the bottom up or the top down.  The same techniques apply.
The presentation will also include a discussion on the use of short rows for shaping in general and shaping the shoulders including the use of Wrap & Turn vs. German short rows in particular. Picking up stitches from a Cast on edge, the use of provisional cast on and three needle bind off, will also be covered.

A note about the picture above:

Top down sweater in progress.
Note the small rubber bands show where I put short rows.
The back was knitted first and stitches picked up from the cast on edge for the front shoulders.