DKG Meeting Jan 20

Knit for Fit with Anne-Marie Walkowicz

Making a sweater is a time consuming and expensive process. We often choose a size, and hope it fits once the project is completed. When you have your measurements, how do you use them to make adjustments to your pattern so that your creation fits the way you want it to? Our DKG member Anne-Marie will present some techniques for choosing a size, and adjusting a sweater pattern so that it fits you.

Join us on MLK day to learn more about adjusting your sweater pattern for a fabulous fit!

Anne-Marie will also be presenting a workshop on customizing your sweater pattern to fit from 1-4 the same day. Contact Anne-Marie or Monica MacFarland if you’d like to participate – be aware that the class may already be full.

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  1. Thanks so much for reminder. My newsletter is off some where in accumulated patterns and yarn thank you

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