DKG Meeting on September 16th 2019

September 16: June Cashmere
with Amy Swanson, USA Operations Manager
Amy will take us to Kyrgyzstan in her talk about Kyrgyzstan’s textile history, the recent discovery of highest quality cashmere goats, a peek at shepherd life in Kyrgyzstan, and the strides that June Cashmere founder Sy Belohlavek and his team are making toward the ethical and sustaina- ble production of cashmere in Kyrgyzstan. With the goal of economic development for Kyrgyzstan, Sy is establishing a cashmere processing mill in the capital city of Bishkek. This will allow work with additional shepherds throughout Kyrgyzstan, provide jobs in the city, and hopefully encourage additional investment in the country. Additionally, Amy will share insights about cashmere in general and June Cashmere’s yarn production and quali- ties specifically. . . and if the time change with Kyrgyzstan-Dayton allows, we will call in live to Sy in Kyrgyzstan to allow interactive engagement and questions with Sy directly.
Vendor: June Cashmere


  1. oh my gosh that program was marvelous . What a wonderful project. reminded me when Galena came with Olga from Ural mountains. How wonderful the ingenuity of these marvelous people. Thanks to Monica for marvelous program. Barbara Richardson

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