24th Annual Dayton Knitting Guide Retreat

This was a fantastic knitting guide retreat. We had the perfect guide in Margaret Radcliffe. Margaret really had an amazing way of presenting all the material the guild had asked for. On Friday after dinner she taught us how to work with variegated yarn. We learned various techniques to make variegated yarns look beautiful in our projects. Margaret guided us on how to work with borders on our garments on Saturday morning. If we did our homework we could attach borders using knitting needles 3 to 4 sizes smaller. This was a very helpful suggestion. Then she guided us in learning how to make any shape using triangles. We learned to make squares and rectangles out of triangles. Margaret named this class, If You Can Knit a Triangle, You Can Make Anything. There was a little math involved. Our last class was held on Sunday and it was all about yarn fibers. There are plant and animal fibers and she had all types of examples to show. Since I’m the organizer of this retreat I often miss some of the instructions. I did my best to stay in on all of Margaret’s classes. Margaret is the author of 4 knitting books. I bought the Knitting Answer Book and had Margaret sign it. I’ve started knitting a striped, variegated, triangular scarf out of yarn spun from bamboo and cotton. Thanks Margaret for sharing your creativity and be an inspiration to us all. You made this my favorite retreat.

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  1. oh Heather you did such a good job. Choosing Margaret she made knitting life so much easier and all her books are at the library. You could tell she was an engineer. Meals were good for all. what she taught was not hard just a new way to think. Well run Mary did such a good job with all the door prizes and chances such good stuff . Thank you for a good weekend.

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