Gansey Retreat was a big success….

Dayton Knitting Guild Gansey Retreat

It went really well. Retreats should be just what they are. Retreats. A place to get away from your hectic routine. We Knitters know what makes for a good retreat. First of all we want everything to run smoothly. We’re here to relax but get something accomplished. Secondly, we want a competent instructor. We need microphones that work properly and are easy to put on. We need the video equipment to work properly. The Knitters at this retreat came to knit a Gansey sweater. We had the best instructor. Beth Brown-Reinsel is just the best in my book. I had taken the Aran Cardigan class from Beth and knew what a good teacher she was going to be. She hardly skipped a beat. She was answering everyone’s questions as fast and as accurately as possible. Beth is nice and concise in her teaching style. A Knitters dream come true. You will actually want to finish the little Gansey sweater that she has created for you to make. I am going to make myself a Gansey sweater with the instructions she has provided. Beth is the expert in Gansey history and construction. If you google her you can find all the information you will need to keep in contact with her. She has a website and a site where you can go to financially support her. I’m planning on looking into that. We need more people like her in our knitting world.


  1. Well said, Heather. I agree completely! And you and all the other volunteers did a wonderful job. It was my first retreat and I’ll be back next year!

  2. What a lovely and successful retreat. Thanks to all the people that made it happen, to Heather for her expert coordination of the retreat, the great vendors and to Beth for an enjoyable and educational workshop.

  3. Oh Heather you are so right, She was excellent. I liked her being personable sitting and talking with knitters making sure you had it in brain. She was among the show and tell group .We had plenty of time to do each new technique. I thought learning that cast on so you looked like you had a picot edge, also how to put in gusset so you don’t have wadge at underarm was outstanding

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