Needle Tasting at the DKG Meeting was a big hit.

What a great meeting! Monica MacFarland was the mastermind behind the Needle Tasting. At the morning meeting we started with 40 women sitting in front of paper plates. The plates were full of yarn and needles. We had 1.5 minutes to check out the needles then pass them on. We passed the plate to the person to our left. There were 49 plates in all. Even though there were not 49 participants it still worked out. There were knitting needles of all types and we each had a needle rating sheet with a number and a description on them. There were circular needles with the beginnings of hats on them. There were double pointed needles with a premie hat already started on them. There were cotton dishcloths started with straight needles attached. All we knitters had to do was knit. No purling. There were needles made of metal, wood or plastic. All of the circular needles were a size US 6 with a  3.5 or 4 inches needle attached to a cord of some sort. Kim Kulasa was the time keeper. Lynn McCown, Monica and Kim donated all of the different needles that were used. Monica had started all 49 projects. The hats had all of the ribbing done. It was quite a great feat. I’ve never heard so much praise for a meeting before. I liked it so much that I came back for the evening meeting. There were only 14 of us for that meeting but Monica and her husband Andy had figured out another arrangement. They had 3 long tables set up. Table #1 had the circular needles. Table #2 had the double pointed knitting needles. Table #3 had the straight needles. We all sat at table #1 passing the plates every minute and a half until we had tasted every needle. Then we moved to table #2, then table #3. We completed it all in an hourlong time frame. Andy was the time keeper at the evening meeting. We could grade the needles using the needle rating sheet with all of the descriptions. You could put a star or a smiley face next to the ones you liked or mark on the paper the ones you didn’t like and why. These papers were for you to use. No one else was going to be the judge of the needles you tasted. You could decide which style of needle you preferred. I thought it was an excellent exercise. Monica also gave us a pattern to make a hat. Kudos to Monica for one of the best DKG meetings ever.

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  1. You are right Heather. This meeting was great.
    I learned so much by feeling each needle. I have words on my needle rating sheet like ‘smooth’, ‘holds yarn’, ‘sticky’, ‘flexible’, etc. I also have +, ++, and in one case +++. I now feel like I can put something on my wish list for Christmas or maybe even Mother’s Day.
    It was certainly a treat and I want to thank everyone for your efforts on our behalf, especially you Monica. Thank you very much.
    Karin from Brown County, OH

  2. Oh Heather I have to agree it was amazing Andy was such a help and good sport, when I piled up the small circulars,that i couldn’t grasp much less knit with. Thank you Monica especially,. Lynn Kim and all who helped. Monica came and measured room on Wed plus tables then Andy put on gorilla and made the layout. What a pair, what a good job.

  3. Thank you for your very kind comments about the Needle Tasting.
    I was amazed that Lynn, Kim and I could come up with so many needles. Thanks to Deb K., Wendy C., Barbara H., Joan C. and Fiberworks for trusting me to return the needles I borrowed from them.
    Arlene Rivard helped me out by casting on the hats on her own needles. I appreciated the help of Sadie S. and Sue P. in setting out the plates and projects in the morning. Kim and Andy kept us moving with their time keeping.
    The CAD program Andy used to draw up the arrangement of the chairs and tables was Rhino3D.
    Thanks also to Mark Bruggeman who sets up the tables and chairs for us at St. Mary’s.
    Who knew there were so many different needles out there? Monica MacFarland

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