DKG Meeting today…

April 16                                                                                

Needle Tasting with Monica MacFarland

Try out a large variety of knitting needles while making hats for charity.

This is an opportunity to try out needles made from metals, woods, bamboo and plastics.  You can decide whether the needles are slow or fast and see if they are warm or cold to the touch.

You can try out various interchangeable needles and try alternate needle lengths and tip points.  You can test them for quality of the connectors and decide if the join is smooth or if it catches the yarn as you move your stitches.   You can check out the flexibility of the cables. There will also be many double points and straights to try out.  Think of it as speed dating with needles to see which you would enjoy using.  You might just find the needles you love. There will be no vendor because of the upcoming retreat Yarn Market.

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