Anne Hanson was wonderful at the March DKG Meeting

Anne Hanson was the presenter at our March DKG meetings and Workshop. She was at the 10 am and 7 pm meetings. I was at the 7 pm meeting and was totally impressed. She is a knitting designer extraordinaire. She talked about being a child and falling in love with a sampler knit afghan that was on the family sofa. As a child she designed knitted doll clothes. Now she has hundreds of designs on Ravelry for sale and her own website. She is the owner of Knitspot. She sells patterns, kits and yarn online and in shops. She has her own yarn spun in mills. The process is done in the most natural way. No chemicals are used to clean the wool. She doesn’t dye her wool either. Bare Naked Wool is the name of her yarn. She uses all natural fibers and does some blending of wools, cotton and silk. When she held up a grey scarf she named, Einstein, I stopped knitting. The design was so impressive. After the meeting I bought the pattern and yarn. She had a coworker with her at both meetings selling patterns, yarn and extras from Knitspot.

I’ve seen lots of knitting teachers over the years but I have never seen anyone that compares to Anne. She knits, designs and has her own yarn made.

Heather Janney, Blog Editor

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  1. Totally agree! I was at the morning meeting and my friend and I attended the afternoon workshop as well. It was a pleasure to listen to Anne’s story and we learned a lot during her workshop. Bought indeed some of her fabulous yarns. And how amazing that she was still so entertaining at the evening meeting after such a long day for her!

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