What do you do when the DKG cancels its meetings?

I was so looking forward to this meeting today. I could have come since I have the day off. We may have to drop the January meeting and add one to the summertime.

Hope I get some replies.
Thanks, Heather


  1. I wouldn’t cancel January meeting . . . If weather is bad it can be cancelled as it was today. We don’t meet that much.

  2. I picked up a scarf that I am knitting. I am totally stumped. I need one more stitch on needle to do the pattern on the chart. After looking at the chart for quite a while, I put my knitting down and finished a book. I am going to pick up my knitting after lunch and try again. I did look for some pattern errata and didn’t see any. Any suggestions?

    1. That was great Mary. I was really disappointed that Andrea had to cancel due to her work schedule. She had promised Monica she would do the January MLK day meeting. We had to cancel anyway cause it snows too much in Dayton I January. Great to hear from you, Mary. Where are the other 100 people that get this blog?

  3. Chris Berggren tried to post something but it didn’t go. So here it is. I cut and pasted it:

    I get so mad too, I’ve come close to just throwing the computer on the floor. Anyway, what I was trying to tell you, I had a productive day. The printed patterns have been very busy reproducing in my sewing room, while I wasn’t watching. I filed all of them. Then, I was trying to pick some yarn out from my stash to make a Drops pattern, and I was hoping you’d come over to help me. That sounds like a good idea to not have a DKG meeting in Jan and have one in the summer on a third Mon of the month when you don’t have to work.

  4. it was a lot of time to knit go thru stash, now I have more room for Hutch Yarns so soft such beautiful colors. got gorgeous Koigu working on my Storm Mountain,Mitts, scarfs, hats, for family urgent.couldn’t swim .so went up and down stairs.swept front back steps 100 times ha ha watched dvr’s

  5. This group sounds like fun. How often do you meet and for how long? Are beginners allowed to join?
    How long has the group been around for? Just call me a nosy knitter. LOL.

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