It is with great sadness…

It is with great sadness that I report that Andrea Wong has cancelled her workshop and program for the January 15th 2018 DKG meeting.  Refunds are being issued as we speak.
Andrea recently got a new job and couldn’t get the day off.
Instead of Andrea’s program Monica will give a presentation on EPS (Elizabeth’s percentage system) and other ways to use your measurements and GAUGE to make garments that fit. (Thanks Monica)

At the January meeting, sign up sheets will be available for the March, Anne Hansen workshop.  Tickets will also be available for the May Dragons Game.

Fiberworks will be our vendor at this meeting.

PS: I was really looking forward to Andrea’s Program. I finally have the day off from work.

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  1. hello I am so sad about Andrea not coming her knitting style saved me after carpal tunnel surgery.
    Wanda Royer fell yesterday going in to Walmart ,after church, I was afraid to ask if right or left arm. She fell face forward and broke her arm at her shoulder.Texts e-mails cards or calls will be appreciated she is sitting in recliner with a tight shoulder upper arm brace on, Sees doc tomorrow. Prayers will be appreciated..

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