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IMG_2933.jpgNovember 20, 2017 will be our next meeting. I will be at St. Mary Center at 10 AM sharp. Kathy Brannon will be our Presenter. All About Lace!!! This woman can do lace. I’ve seen a piece or 2. They are fantastic, and she knits so fast. You will be amazed. She’ll be back at 7 PM to do the second DKG Meeting. It will be my first meeting since the new officers have been leading the meetings. Monica is doing a fantastic job getting us programs. Kim is working on this website. Just go to the Dayton Knitting Guild site to see what is happening at the DKG. I was cleaning up in the basement when I came across this, DKG “When, Where, Time” page out of a binder. You could win a prize if you are the first person to know the answer to the question, ‘When, Where, and What time does the Dayton Knitting Guild Meet. Just blog your answer back to me in Leave a Reply section below. If you win you can pick up your prize at the next DKG Meeting. Lynn McCown, our President, will be hosting the DKG  Holiday Luncheon on December 9th at her lovely home in Yellow Springs. Hope we have a big turn out. Look at our DKG website for more details.

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  1. Hi Heather! I am a little confused by the question. If you wanted us to say what the paper you had showing said then Jeanne P Has the right answer. If you wanted to know when the guild originally met, it was at 10 Wilmington at 7PM for many years.
    What pattern did you use for the felted slippers? That is what I want to make.

    1. Christine, I liked your historical reply. I was trying to word it so no one whould be confused. Guess I didn’t succeed. Those are felted clogs. I’ll have to look up the designer. I just got done making 4 pair.

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