Perfect Harmony

I had a wonderful time at the New Harmony Knitting retreat this year. Gloria and Allen Johnson used to put on this retreat with Patsy and Bob McCoy. Even though we missed all of them we had a great time. Lynn Wells took Allen’s place. We renamed her Lynnallen for the retreat. She kept the kitchen flowing and was a big help to me, before the retreat, when it came to shopping for all of the food. Thanks, Lynn for all that you did. Jackie Ritchie was the coordinator of this retreat. She sent out all of the emails and collected the deposits and made the final payment. Thank you, Jackie for all of your hard word. Barbara Richardson is the organizer of this retreat. She decided to take it on this year, for the first time. Thanks, Barbara. It was a total success.

We all arrived on Thursday October the 4th at the Barn Abbey. Everyone got their own room. Those top bunks sure are tricky to get into. Rita Alton served us her famous beef-vegetable soup for dinner. We had soup and sandwiches. Boy was it yummy. Thanks, Rita.

On Friday we had breakfast and then went to Atkinson Farm Yarns, a yarn shop in Vincennes, Indiana. Cheryl is the owner and she had lunch ready for us when we arrived. It was wonderful. She had prepared a salad bar and baked potato bar. (There was a really cool crock pot with 3 different hot items to go on the potatoes).

The group divided up and went to 2 different restaurants in New Harmony for dinner that night. After dinner I started the first program which was how to make a knitted organizer. I had made up 19 kits and had passed them out on Thursday. Sandy Koogler had already finished the knitted piece and just needed to put it onto the board. (There is a picture of Lisa Alton with her Knitted Organizer on this blog). Lisa said that it was the first time she had ever finished anything at this retreat. Lisa, you made my day.

On Saturday Katherine Misegades did her program on Twisted Stitches. She had 3 spectacular items done with this design. We could either do it in a hat or make a headband. I will have to be locked up in a room with no distractions to do the Twisted Stitches. Traditional twisted-stitch knitting is done with all knit stitches twisted. You knit in the back of all the knit stitches. The purl stitches are worked as usual. You put single stitches onto a cable needle or learn how to do it without the cable needle. If you drop a stitch it will cause you to pull your hair out or someone else’s. This is not a pattern for the beginner, that’s for sure. There is a rumor going around that Sandy Koogler has finished the headband and is going to attempt the hat.

Katherine also gave us a pattern to make a Quick Cap. It is done all in garter stitch using short-rows. You knit it from side to side. Once I figured out the pattern it was easy to make. Thanks, Katherine. I love the different techniques in this pattern.

Saturday night 9 of us went to the Red Geranium for dinner. It is elegant dining.

After dinner we played Knit-O. Knit-O is Bingo with knitting terms. Marilyn Buster was the caller. Thanks, Marilyn. We use candy corn as markers. Everyone wins something. There were knitted socks, lots of yarn, and felted oven mitts as prizes. You get to pick what prize you want. Bob McCoy used to make these really cool bowls out to turned-wood, which you could win. They were always the first prizes to go.

I am so happy that most of the knitters finished the Knitted Organizer and I have completed 2 of the Quick Caps just in time for the cold weather.

I love all of the women that keep coming back to this retreat. It wouldn’t be the same without you. I want to thank all of you for making it a perfect knitting retreat.

Happy Knitting,

Heather Janney


  1. Heather, thank you your blog,it was great all of the group was anxious to learn and your pattern was difficult at first, mine is finished but I want to finish twsted stitch hat. want it to be like the finished pointed hat not square with tassels. I’m going to lock the doors and take the phone off the hook to do twisted stitch.
    Lynns presentation was great yesterday she brought back many happy memories of camps and teachers we have had and my wonderful knitting life. Barbara

  2. Nice write up, Heather. You reminded me of all the good things I forgot. I showed ny organizer at On my way! Of my knitting groups and everyone loved it. I have finished one quick hat and will start the twisted stitches hat after I make a couple more Christmas gifts. Jackie R..

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