DKG Meeting was well attended…

img_1913Even a mermaid showed up. If you were at the meeting you should now be on Ravelry. There is so much you can do. You can organize your own stash or find what you’ve been looking for in someone else’s. You can find patterns that go with the yarn you just bought but didn’t have a plan for. To make the most of Ravelry you need a computer and a way to take pictures. You can take pictures of your stash or pictures of the projects you are working on or better yet the projects you have finished.

Rebecca did a great job of getting us excited about Ravelry. Now we just have to have fun with it. Like Rebecca said, ‘You can’t really mess up anything by just looking around on Ravelry’. We passed around a sign-up sheet for knitters who want to learn even more about Ravelry. More about that later. Two knitters that have just joined the DKG Blog are waiting for this message.

Happy Ravelering,


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