Knitted Bells to ring in the holiday.

img_1772Happy Thanksgiving! Best holiday we ever came up with. No Presents to buy. Just food and company. Just had My Traditional feast last night. Mom brought over the bells I was talking about at the last DKG Meeting (7 PM). I have already made two of the bells, sequins and all. This is an Easy beginner pattern. You don’t have to worry that much about size. US 1 straights are my favorite knitting needles to use. I’m using an old pair. I need another pair of Signature needles. I only have 5 different styles. I’m knitting a baby sweater with my straight US 1.5 with staleto points. Still have a baby sweater to finish.

Here’s how you can make one.

Get out your favorite, smallest knitting needles and some extra thin (et), DK weight or sport weight yarn. Size won’t matter too much. Each bell measures, 1.5″X 1″.

Cast on 22 stitches any way you please. Do stockinette stitch for 16 rows. Doesn’t have to be exact. Decrease by knitting 2 stitches together (K2tog) all the way across the row (11). Bottom edge of bell curls up like all stockinette does. Let it happen.

Decrease on next row by K2tog. (6).

Transfer all 6 stitches to other needle. Break yarn 18″ long and thread through all 6 stitches. I call this Making the Spokes. What do you call the little circle that spins around in the upper left hand corner of my iPad? I make these a lot while I’m knitting. Bobbles have 2. Tu-Ya’s have 1.

Sew sequins and beads all over them. Cut green and red felt into strips and tie into a bow. Sew up back seam after you sew on the beads. Crochet a piece to hang the bell from the bow that you make with the felt strips. Sew a 1/2″ bell in the center of the bell.

Go to the Patterson Monument and find a hemlock tree. Gather 2 of its pine cones. Sew onto Bow.

Tie bow onto the safety pin.

Happy Knitting,

Heather J.



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