Yes! Strings Attached…

Hi Everybody,

What a great meeting we just had. So many cute things to knit.

Kristen from Strings Attached will be there tonight also. I was going to title this blog, No! Strings Attached, but that would be wrong. Kristen had some real yummy yarn and some great ideas on some quick knits. So soft. I’ll see you tonight. I will have a couple of, not seen before, clever gift ideas myself.


Heather J.

PS. Valerie got a prize for bringing me 10 stars. If you see Valerie, give her a Star.


    1. Can you really OD on Stars. I’m going to put the tree up next week. I have a lot of handmade ornaments already. I will put the 2 stars you gave me yesterday on that tree. What do you put on the top of your tree? How do you like the prize you won?

  1. thanks Heather the best part was that Lynn remembered all the info and really gave a good class.What she has in her brain is unbelievable so glad she shares

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