img_1768Hi Everybody,

It’s Sunday and everyone is at their place of worship. I’m not. I’m going to be making stars. Mom called and said she didn’t understand sk2p. I got my information from the Encyclopedia of knitting. (They didn’t capitalize the k). Their abbreviation for; slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over; is sk2p. We knitters talk in code and beginners don’t understand why we just don’t spell it all out. We don’t want to waste space. What makes it more complicated is that you need to know which way to enter a stitch. You can go into a stitch so many different ways. I went into a stitch 9 times at my last knitting retreat. I will frame my piece when I am done with it. Did anyone understand that? I’m going to start making stars now. See you tomorrow. The first 10 people who give me 10 stars tomorrow. Yes, that will be 100 stars. (Don’t forget about the 100 hats we need to collect). You will recieve a reward for your generosity. Prizes for the stars only.

oops! I got ahead of myself.

S=slip, slide, send a K stitch somewhere.

K2= Knit 2 stitches together. That could be 2 previously knitted stitches or purl stitches.

P=pass slip stitch over or PSSO.

patt=pattern (just thought I’d throw that it)   It’s so hard to write a pattern.

See you tomorrow. Remember we are having a book sale. (Read previous blog)





  1. Heather, I have a couple of knit hats but will miss tomorrow’s meeting since I’m out of town. Where can I drop them off? Thanks

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