Make me a star.

img_1760Hi Everybody,

I want to inspire you to make me a star. I have made these 2 stars today with bells and Pom-poms. Monday will be my first DKG meeting in months. I’m planning on having a great time seeing what everyone is knitting these days. I’m breaking out the wool I bought at Strings Attached. I’ve made 4 cowls and will barely have any to show for Show and Share on Monday. I keep giving them away.

Come knit with us this coming Monday. We will be sharing our Stars with you.

“Knit me a Star” pattern is here in its entire format. Thanks to my iPad.

Cast on 55 stitches. Cast on using yarn and appropriate size needles. I use acrylic worsted weight and size US 5-8 needles.

Correction: Knit a plain row now. (First pattern didn’t say to do this row). Mom’s Star looked a lot better than mine. There is always room for improvement.

Now decrease down to 5 stitches like this:

Do double decreasing (DD) evenly across every row. Yes every row!

Second row:

Knit 4 stitches (sts), *slip one stitch purlwise, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over (sk2p) or better understood as Double Decrease, knit 8stitches*, *  * across to last 4 stitches, knit.

Third row:

K3 * DD, K6* ; *  * across row. End K3

Forth row:

K2 *DD, K4*; *  * across row. End K2

Fifth row:

K1*DD, K 2*; *  * across row. End K1

DD across row. Cut yarn leaving a tail to sew it up.

Transfer stitches to other needle. Thread the tail through a blunt sewing needle and pull through 5 stitches. Pull up sorta tight. You can bury the end in here too.

Sew up seam. Get friend that crochets to go around the knitted star and then make a 20 chain hanger to loop and sew off.

Find someone to give it to. Make a sad face happy.

Yours Truly,









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