October 17th 2016. Where will you be? DKG Meeting?

imageOctober 17—Regular Meetings

Yarn Gadgets
Christine Hall

10 AM and 7 PM at St. Mary Center

Let’s explore some of the gadgets available to help you create new objects with your yarn and fiber. Some of the gadgets to be shown will be an I-cord maker, Lucet,braid maker, Kumihimo disk braid maker, and Weavette loom!.

The Yarn Shop – Columbus, OH
Centerville Knit & Crochet – Centerville, OH

Hi Everybody,

The sweater is my “show and tell.” October 17th is my birthday. I won’t be with you for another fantastic meeting. Christine will have a great time showing you all of the gadgets. I learned Kumihimo a few years ago and now my Mom loves doing it. I make cat toys that just look marvelous with this technique. You can use thread or bulky yarn and you only use a soft disc. Easy to carry with you. No sharp objects.

I’ll be visiting a new baby girl on Monday. I knit her the sweater in this blog. If you have any pictures you would like to share. Go ahead. You can put it in this blog.


I’ll see you in November.








  1. I can’t believe I’ll be missing my second meeting for the same reason I missed the first- taking care of my granddaughter in Virginia. I’m knitting away on a Mader sweater for my daughter and finishing up a sweater for my granddaughter. I just signed up for a Gilmore Girls mystery knit-along on Ravelry.

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