Dayton Knitting Guild Meeting Cancelled…

I’m sorry to announce the cancellation of our January DKG meeting due to the weather prediction…

I will be teaching the Double Knitting and Invisible Cast-on at the February meeting…

Yours Truly,

Heather Janney

3 thoughts on “Dayton Knitting Guild Meeting Cancelled…”

  1. Wise decision but we will miss it! Cincinnati is a snowy slippery mess too. Cozy knitting weather, so probably lots to show in February ⛄️ Stay safe and warm from Gail, Sharon, Lois and Johanna

  2. A wise decision but we will miss it!!! Cincinnati is a snowy mess too but it makes for cozy knitting weather! Lots to show in February ⛄️ Stay safe and warm! Johanna

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