DKG will be presenting… Double Knitting on MLK Day

Dear Knitter,

I hope you can join me this Monday. I will be teaching Double Knitting. This is going to be a hands-on class, so bring some needles and yarn. We will all be making the same project. I will be handing out a pattern that I have been using since I taught myself how to Double Knit 26 years ago. We will be making a small project so that you will be on your way to mastering Double Knitting.

The pattern calls for knitting needles in a size US 1 and US 3. If you think those will be too small, go ahead and bring some bigger sized needles. The yarn should be worsted weight cotton. Walmart sells Peaches & Creme. Make sure you have 2 contrasting colors. Black and white would be perfect for a beginner.

I hope I will be seeing you on Monday. It’s Martin Luther King Day and there is no snow predicted. Just saying…

Your Truly,

Heather Janney

3 thoughts on “DKG will be presenting… Double Knitting on MLK Day”

  1. It’s taken me an hour to send this Blog…I really wanted to send 2 pictures but could not figure that out. I will keep trying to learn this computer stuff…

  2. Heather I am sorry to miss another meeting of the DKG but am going through chemo treatment and need to stay close to home for a while. I had a hysterectomy for uterine cancer in Dec. and even tho the report was that all is clear and he got it all out they want a preventive treatment for a while. Hope to return soon.

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