KAL starts today…

Mary Shue and Valerie Mosely would like to invite members of the Dayton Knitting Guild and the Wool Gatherers Guild from Plymouth, Michigan, to join us in an Orenburg Shawl KAL (knit along). It will be held in the Dayton Knitting Guild’s Ravelry group. We will open up a thread called something clever like “Orenburg Lace KAL”.

Some of us will be knitting the Diamond Triangular Shawl. The pattern can be found in The Gossamer Webs Design Collection by Galina Khmeleva. You may choose another Orenburg pattern if you wish. The KAL will begin June 1, 2017. You may cast on sooner or join us at any time. There are no prizes and no finish dates scheduled.

The Diamond Triangular Shawl takes about 1000 yards of lace weight yarn. If you need suggestions, suri alpaca, wool/silk blends, non-superwash wool, or wool/mohair blends would work. A natural cream color is traditional but any solid or tonal color that would show the lace pattern would be ideal. A yarn that will hold its shape when blocked is what will work best.
Errata can be found at: https://www.interweave.com/interweave-errata-corrections/.

Please come and join us or drop by the thread to chat. The thread will be active by May 1.
Questions? Contact Mary Shue; willknit4donuts on Ravelry

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