2017 DKG Elections coming soon

Barbara Richardson, Wanda Royer and Kay Wolff have been the officers of The Dayton Knitting Guild for 25 years. They have done a stellar job at keeping the Guild alive. We are all so grateful for their dedication and service. Now it is time for a big change. We will be electing new officers in May 2017. If you are a member of our guild you have been given a Membership Directory. We have chosen a nominating committee. They are Peri Switzer, Sandy Kulik and Shelley Stevens. Their phone numbers and email addresses are in the Membership Directory. You can call any one of them to nominate someone for any of these 4 positions: President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer. A brief description of the duties were in the DKG March Newsletter, Call of the Wool. The nominee must be a member of The Dayton Knitting Guild. We will tell you who has been chosen at the April meeting and then we will take a vote at the May meeting. Winners will be announced at the June meeting.
Thanks to all of the members of The Dayton Knitting Guild for helping make this change possible.
Yours truly,
Heather Janney

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