March 4th, 2017…

Hi Everybody,

Just a reminder to all you Bloggers. Tomorrow is the first day that you can send in your DKG retreat registration. You have until March 25th, but why wait? This is going to be a fantastic knitting retreat. Carol Anderson will be our teacher for the whole weekend (look her up on the internet). Everyone that has been with her says she is a joy to be around. There will be a lot of knitting going on. We will start out doing a pattern with the garter stitch. Then we will be making the cutest little lace sachet. Our final project will be done using a cable pattern. I can hardly wait. Some time after March 25th I will be sending out an acceptance letter to you. There will be a map to Bergamo, a schedule and any other instructions (very small amount of homework. Yea!)
I’ve never been more excited about a retreat before. We have invited all of the 19 vendors in your DKG directory to participate in the Yarn Market (remember it is open to the public). We will also have a table set up for our new DKG merchandise and for Carol Anderson’s patterns.
Yours Truly,
Heather Janney, Retreat Chairwoman

2 thoughts on “March 4th, 2017…”

  1. Heather, though I can’t come to the retreat I thought you sent a great message. I’m looking forward to the market. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Heather, so excited Carol was responsible for our first or second retreat and helped us get it off the ground,I am dbl delighted I have made so many of her things

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