DKG Meeting was well attended…

img_1913Even a mermaid showed up. If you were at the meeting you should now be on Ravelry. There is so much you can do. You can organize your own stash or find what you’ve been looking for in someone else’s. You can find patterns that go with the yarn you just bought but didn’t have a plan for. To make the most of Ravelry you need a computer and a way to take pictures. You can take pictures of your stash or pictures of the projects you are working on or better yet the projects you have finished.

Rebecca did a great job of getting us excited about Ravelry. Now we just have to have fun with it. Like Rebecca said, ‘You can’t really mess up anything by just looking around on Ravelry’. We passed around a sign-up sheet for knitters who want to learn even more about Ravelry. More about that later. Two knitters that have just joined the DKG Blog are waiting for this message.

Happy Ravelering,


Ravelry and the DKG Meeting

img_1909This is the meeting we have all been waiting for. Ravelry is a website for people who love knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and dyeing. It will help you keep your stash in some kind of order. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Ravelry? Well hold on to your hats. Rebecca Low has the presentation that will knock your socks off. Whether you have never even gotten onto the Ravelry site or think you know everything there is to know about the site, Rebecca will have something to teach you. That’s what the DKG is all about. Let’s learn something new in 2017 that will help us help each other. Rebecca will be bringing a “hand-out” that she has diligently put together. All you need to bring is a writing utensil. DON’T EVEN BRING YOUR KNITTING. You won’t be able to knit during her presentation. The lights will be low and you will be watching a slideshow. Rebecca doesn’t think she will have enough time to share everything she has prepared so there will be no questions during her presentation. She will answer questions at the end of her presentation and before show and share. We will find plenty of help for you AFTER this meeting. Every meeting we have is centered around Knitting at the DKG.

See you on Monday January 16, 2017 @ St Mary’s Center@10 am and 7 pm.

PS  I should have had “computer” in the title of this Blog. Knitters like to knit and us older gals would rather knit than play on our computer. You need to have a computer and access to the internet to play on Ravelry.


Knitted Bells to ring in the holiday.

img_1772Happy Thanksgiving! Best holiday we ever came up with. No Presents to buy. Just food and company. Just had My Traditional feast last night. Mom brought over the bells I was talking about at the last DKG Meeting (7 PM). I have already made two of the bells, sequins and all. This is an Easy beginner pattern. You don’t have to worry that much about size. US 1 straights are my favorite knitting needles to use. I’m using an old pair. I need another pair of Signature needles. I only have 5 different styles. I’m knitting a baby sweater with my straight US 1.5 with staleto points. Still have a baby sweater to finish.

Here’s how you can make one.

Get out your favorite, smallest knitting needles and some extra thin (et), DK weight or sport weight yarn. Size won’t matter too much. Each bell measures, 1.5″X 1″.

Cast on 22 stitches any way you please. Do stockinette stitch for 16 rows. Doesn’t have to be exact. Decrease by knitting 2 stitches together (K2tog) all the way across the row (11). Bottom edge of bell curls up like all stockinette does. Let it happen.

Decrease on next row by K2tog. (6).

Transfer all 6 stitches to other needle. Break yarn 18″ long and thread through all 6 stitches. I call this Making the Spokes. What do you call the little circle that spins around in the upper left hand corner of my iPad? I make these a lot while I’m knitting. Bobbles have 2. Tu-Ya’s have 1.

Sew sequins and beads all over them. Cut green and red felt into strips and tie into a bow. Sew up back seam after you sew on the beads. Crochet a piece to hang the bell from the bow that you make with the felt strips. Sew a 1/2″ bell in the center of the bell.

Go to the Patterson Monument and find a hemlock tree. Gather 2 of its pine cones. Sew onto Bow.

Tie bow onto the safety pin.

Happy Knitting,

Heather J.



Who made me this Star?

imageNow I have my backpack decorated. Free star pattern from DKG on this blog. Just go back a couple blogs (bcb).

Bells to follow. I need to take a picture of my Moms Christmas bells and then get that pattern on here. We got a couple more bloggers today. Yea! We need more new friendly knitters. I wonder if I will get any comments about my Star while I’m out in public. You can knit one of these stars in minutes. After you cast on the 55 Stitches, knit a plain row. That is a correction I need to make on the previous pattern. Also the cable cast on makes it curl so a knitted cast on will lay flatter.

Oh yea! I sewed the gold star into the middle of the green star that someone knit.

i just want to say thank you. You made 2 stars. I’m not sure where the other one is. If you make any cool stars, just send them to this blog. I won’t put your last name or any other personal info.

Happy Knitting,

Heather J. VP

Yes! Strings Attached…

Hi Everybody,

What a great meeting we just had. So many cute things to knit.

Kristen from Strings Attached will be there tonight also. I was going to title this blog, No! Strings Attached, but that would be wrong. Kristen had some real yummy yarn and some great ideas on some quick knits. So soft. I’ll see you tonight. I will have a couple of, not seen before, clever gift ideas myself.


Heather J.

PS. Valerie got a prize for bringing me 10 stars. If you see Valerie, give her a Star.


img_1768Hi Everybody,

It’s Sunday and everyone is at their place of worship. I’m not. I’m going to be making stars. Mom called and said she didn’t understand sk2p. I got my information from the Encyclopedia of knitting. (They didn’t capitalize the k). Their abbreviation for; slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over; is sk2p. We knitters talk in code and beginners don’t understand why we just don’t spell it all out. We don’t want to waste space. What makes it more complicated is that you need to know which way to enter a stitch. You can go into a stitch so many different ways. I went into a stitch 9 times at my last knitting retreat. I will frame my piece when I am done with it. Did anyone understand that? I’m going to start making stars now. See you tomorrow. The first 10 people who give me 10 stars tomorrow. Yes, that will be 100 stars. (Don’t forget about the 100 hats we need to collect). You will recieve a reward for your generosity. Prizes for the stars only.

oops! I got ahead of myself.

S=slip, slide, send a K stitch somewhere.

K2= Knit 2 stitches together. That could be 2 previously knitted stitches or purl stitches.

P=pass slip stitch over or PSSO.

patt=pattern (just thought I’d throw that it)   It’s so hard to write a pattern.

See you tomorrow. Remember we are having a book sale. (Read previous blog)




Caps for kids and book sale at DKG

a58bae55-fb83-4d64-9e7f-68988513696fThe DKG has been asked to donate 100 caps for kids ages 3 to 5. So don’t forget to bring a few on Monday. (Not sure if they can be made of wool. I know premie caps can’t be made of wool)

Thank you,

Heather J.

Julie from Julie’s Knit Knacks will NOT be the vendor on Monday due to family commitments. Since we have no vendor we are going to have a book sale! Bring any knitting, quilt or craft related book to the meeting to sell. Or bring some cash and buy yourself an early holiday gift.

If you want to sell books, please have a “bookmark” sticking out of the top of the book with your name and price. Try to bring some ones for change.
Christine H.

Make me a star.

img_1760Hi Everybody,

I want to inspire you to make me a star. I have made these 2 stars today with bells and Pom-poms. Monday will be my first DKG meeting in months. I’m planning on having a great time seeing what everyone is knitting these days. I’m breaking out the wool I bought at Strings Attached. I’ve made 4 cowls and will barely have any to show for Show and Share on Monday. I keep giving them away.

Come knit with us this coming Monday. We will be sharing our Stars with you.

“Knit me a Star” pattern is here in its entire format. Thanks to my iPad.

Cast on 55 stitches. Cast on using yarn and appropriate size needles. I use acrylic worsted weight and size US 5-8 needles.

Correction: Knit a plain row now. (First pattern didn’t say to do this row). Mom’s Star looked a lot better than mine. There is always room for improvement.

Now decrease down to 5 stitches like this:

Do double decreasing (DD) evenly across every row. Yes every row!

Second row:

Knit 4 stitches (sts), *slip one stitch purlwise, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over (sk2p) or better understood as Double Decrease, knit 8stitches*, *  * across to last 4 stitches, knit.

Third row:

K3 * DD, K6* ; *  * across row. End K3

Forth row:

K2 *DD, K4*; *  * across row. End K2

Fifth row:

K1*DD, K 2*; *  * across row. End K1

DD across row. Cut yarn leaving a tail to sew it up.

Transfer stitches to other needle. Thread the tail through a blunt sewing needle and pull through 5 stitches. Pull up sorta tight. You can bury the end in here too.

Sew up seam. Get friend that crochets to go around the knitted star and then make a 20 chain hanger to loop and sew off.

Find someone to give it to. Make a sad face happy.

Yours Truly,