Gansey Retreat was a big success….

Dayton Knitting Guild Gansey Retreat

It went really well. Retreats should be just what they are. Retreats. A place to get away from your hectic routine. We Knitters know what makes for a good retreat. First of all we want everything to run smoothly. We’re here to relax but get something accomplished. Secondly, we want a competent instructor. We need microphones that work properly and are easy to put on. We need the video equipment to work properly. The Knitters at this retreat came to knit a Gansey sweater. We had the best instructor. Beth Brown-Reinsel is just the best in my book. I had taken the Aran Cardigan class from Beth and knew what a good teacher she was going to be. She hardly skipped a beat. She was answering everyone’s questions as fast and as accurately as possible. Beth is nice and concise in her teaching style. A Knitters dream come true. You will actually want to finish the little Gansey sweater that she has created for you to make. I am going to make myself a Gansey sweater with the instructions she has provided. Beth is the expert in Gansey history and construction. If you google her you can find all the information you will need to keep in contact with her. She has a website and a site where you can go to financially support her. I’m planning on looking into that. We need more people like her in our knitting world.

23rd DKG Retreat coming this weekend…

Beth Brown-Reinsel will be our teacher at this years retreat. She will be teaching us how to knit a Gansey sweater. I can hardly wait to make this sweater.

Our Spring Retreat is held at Bergamo Center, 4400 Shakertown Rd., Dayton, Ohio.

We will also be having the Yarn Market at this event. The Yarn Market is opened to the public. It runs from 3pm to 7pm on Friday and from 10am to 6pm on Saturday

Who are the Vendors at this years retreat?

Strings Attached
The Yarn Barn
Tippecanoe Weaver & Fibers Too
The Yarn Shop
Silk Road Textiles
Fiber & Fusion Studio
Noah’s Landing
Yarn & Bead Shop
The Dayton Knitting Guild will also have a booth selling some really cool stuff.

Needle Tasting at the DKG Meeting was a big hit.

What a great meeting! Monica MacFarland was the mastermind behind the Needle Tasting. At the morning meeting we started with 40 women sitting in front of paper plates. The plates were full of yarn and needles. We had 1.5 minutes to check out the needles then pass them on. We passed the plate to the person to our left. There were 49 plates in all. Even though there were not 49 participants it still worked out. There were knitting needles of all types and we each had a needle rating sheet with a number and a description on them. There were circular needles with the beginnings of hats on them. There were double pointed needles with a premie hat already started on them. There were cotton dishcloths started with straight needles attached. All we knitters had to do was knit. No purling. There were needles made of metal, wood or plastic. All of the circular needles were a size US 6 with a  3.5 or 4 inches needle attached to a cord of some sort. Kim Kulasa was the time keeper. Lynn McCown, Monica and Kim donated all of the different needles that were used. Monica had started all 49 projects. The hats had all of the ribbing done. It was quite a great feat. I’ve never heard so much praise for a meeting before. I liked it so much that I came back for the evening meeting. There were only 14 of us for that meeting but Monica and her husband Andy had figured out another arrangement. They had 3 long tables set up. Table #1 had the circular needles. Table #2 had the double pointed knitting needles. Table #3 had the straight needles. We all sat at table #1 passing the plates every minute and a half until we had tasted every needle. Then we moved to table #2, then table #3. We completed it all in an hourlong time frame. Andy was the time keeper at the evening meeting. We could grade the needles using the needle rating sheet with all of the descriptions. You could put a star or a smiley face next to the ones you liked or mark on the paper the ones you didn’t like and why. These papers were for you to use. No one else was going to be the judge of the needles you tasted. You could decide which style of needle you preferred. I thought it was an excellent exercise. Monica also gave us a pattern to make a hat. Kudos to Monica for one of the best DKG meetings ever.

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DKG Meeting today…

April 16                                                                                

Needle Tasting with Monica MacFarland

Try out a large variety of knitting needles while making hats for charity.

This is an opportunity to try out needles made from metals, woods, bamboo and plastics.  You can decide whether the needles are slow or fast and see if they are warm or cold to the touch.

You can try out various interchangeable needles and try alternate needle lengths and tip points.  You can test them for quality of the connectors and decide if the join is smooth or if it catches the yarn as you move your stitches.   You can check out the flexibility of the cables. There will also be many double points and straights to try out.  Think of it as speed dating with needles to see which you would enjoy using.  You might just find the needles you love. There will be no vendor because of the upcoming retreat Yarn Market.

Anne Hanson was wonderful at the March DKG Meeting

Anne Hanson was the presenter at our March DKG meetings and Workshop. She was at the 10 am and 7 pm meetings. I was at the 7 pm meeting and was totally impressed. She is a knitting designer extraordinaire. She talked about being a child and falling in love with a sampler knit afghan that was on the family sofa. As a child she designed knitted doll clothes. Now she has hundreds of designs on Ravelry for sale and her own website. She is the owner of Knitspot. She sells patterns, kits and yarn online and in shops. She has her own yarn spun in mills. The process is done in the most natural way. No chemicals are used to clean the wool. She doesn’t dye her wool either. Bare Naked Wool is the name of her yarn. She uses all natural fibers and does some blending of wools, cotton and silk. When she held up a grey scarf she named, Einstein, I stopped knitting. The design was so impressive. After the meeting I bought the pattern and yarn. She had a coworker with her at both meetings selling patterns, yarn and extras from Knitspot.

I’ve seen lots of knitting teachers over the years but I have never seen anyone that compares to Anne. She knits, designs and has her own yarn made.

Heather Janney, Blog Editor

It is with great sadness…

It is with great sadness that I report that Andrea Wong has cancelled her workshop and program for the January 15th 2018 DKG meeting.  Refunds are being issued as we speak.
Andrea recently got a new job and couldn’t get the day off.
Instead of Andrea’s program Monica will give a presentation on EPS (Elizabeth’s percentage system) and other ways to use your measurements and GAUGE to make garments that fit. (Thanks Monica)

At the January meeting, sign up sheets will be available for the March, Anne Hansen workshop.  Tickets will also be available for the May Dragons Game.

Fiberworks will be our vendor at this meeting.

PS: I was really looking forward to Andrea’s Program. I finally have the day off from work.